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Solving the problem of providing affordable advice to consumers

Solving the Impasse of providing limited financial advice to the young

Financial advisers, as well as government,  superannuation funds and financial institutions are grappling with the provision of affordable advice to average citizens.

Hon Stephen Jones MP, Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Financial Services keeps saying the government and consultative groups are working on the problem.  But each day the timeline is extended.

When the draft legislation is released all self-interest groups will tie up the process for even longer. Groups working on a revised SOA is one example.   In the meantime, the poor consumer and the financial advisers tasked with providing affordable advice are left in limbo, awaiting the final legislation.

The Solution

Our advanced cashflow modelling based technology, more than a decade in refinement, now enables holistic advice to be processed in minimal time.  The software semi-automates developing the Advice Document but still requires the expertise of a Financial Adviser.  This in not Robo-advice nor advice developed by AI. 

The process involves adviser input, with the software doing most of the work.

  • From the client entered Fact Find, the software assesses and reports.
  • Lifestyle plans and outcomes are quickly developed and optimised with seamless interactivity of cashflows, financial and time variables, and client preferences.
  • The software writes the reports, only requiring personalization by the adviser to give their advice recommendations. The final plan is presented in an easily understood multimedia format via a shared secured portal.
bringing affordable financial advice to the masses

No more time consuming getting to understand a client, paraplanning, and producing a 100-page SOA. 

To find out how to turbocharge your advice process with our upgraded software visit Financial Mappers and our second product  Advice Online.

Glenis Phillips SF FIN

Streamline Financial Advice without the Gridlock for members of the Financial Services Industry

Versions have been developed for both the Australian and New Zealand markets, each with a dedicated URL:


Glenis Phillips SF Fin
– Designer of Financial Advice Online
A Few Words

Our History

Plencore Wealth Ltd has been developing financial planning software for 10-years and has expanded with versions of the software for New Zealand, and can be customised for the international market. 

We designed our financial planning software for professionals, corporations and individuals DIY investors.

Glenis Phillips SF Fin,
New Product

Financial Advice Online

Our new product, Financial Advice Online, has been designed for members of the Financial Services Industry who need a readymade customizable portal to provide digital financial advice. 

The software creates a financial plan together with an advice document for your clients.  

This product is ready for both the Australian and New Zealand market. 

NZ Customers
Plencore Wealth Ltd holds relevant URL for New Zealand clients