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QAR Reforms : A New Class of Financial Adviser

QAR reforms include a new class of Financial Adviser

Stephen Jones, Minister for Financial Services, today announced the inclusion of a new class of Financial Adviser and extended the provision of financial advice to Banks and Insurance Companies.  This is in addition to the previous inclusion of Superannuation Funds. Advice Online is the perfect solution for these companies.

To accommodate this, a new classification of adviser will be created.  It will be referred to as that of “Qualified Adviser”. 

Holders of this qualification will be restricted to providing simple advice and cannot charge fees.

It appears that to facilitate this new form of financial advice, service providers will be required to hold some level of qualification, but the details are yet unknown. 

It is expected to be some form of Diploma.

Advice Online, will be the perfect solution for these organisations to provide simple advice

With Advice Online, the process of providing advice is a collaborative one between the client and the adviser.  The client completes the Fact Find, from where the Qualified Adviser imports the information into a financial plan.  After completing the plan, an Advice Record is generated.  The unique feature of providing advice is that the advice is delivered in a multimedia format using both interactive reports and PDFs.

QAR reforms require a special kind of financial advice

Advice Online & Qualified advisers

Superannuation Funds, Banks and Insurance companies should reach out to me to discuss how Advice Online can facilitate the delivery of simple advice by Qualified Advisers.

Glenis Phillips SF Fin
– (Designer) Financial Advice Online
New Product

Financial Advice Online

Our new product, Financial Advice Online, has been designed for members of the Financial Services Industry who need a readymade customizable portal to provide digital financial advice. 

The software creates a financial plan together with an advice document for your clients.  

This product is ready for both the Australian and New Zealand market. 

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