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Plencore Wealth is expanding to the international market

Both Financial Mappers & Advice Online are ready to be scaled for the international market.

Both products will include our Financial Literacy Program.

Plencore Wealth has always provided access to the Taxation and Retirement Rules of major countries.

After years of refining our three Financial Mappers products, Plencore Wealth Ltd is introducing a new product called Advice Online.  We intend to promote both these products to the International Marketplace.

Both products use the same mathematical model to develop a financial plan, but Advice Online has one purpose . . .

Create a Financial Plan and generate an Advice Document in minimal time for a lower cost.

How do we reduce the cost for financial planners?

The costs are reduced by creating a collaborative relationship between the financial adviser and their client.  The client is asked to complete a simple Fact Find which any client should be able to complete.  The information in the Fact Find is imported directly into the Financial Plan.  Once the adviser has optimised the plan to meet the client’s financial needs, the adviser writes advice specific to the client.  The Statement of Advice (likely to be called an Advice Record shortly) is automatically generated.  In the client’s secure portal, the Advice Record can be accessed.  This is supplemented by an additional 10 automated reports.  Four of these reports can be viewed as Interactive Reports.

Financial Mappers Pro

Financial mappers Pro is designed for Financial Advisers, Accountants and Mortgage Brokers can generate the Financial Plan and Statement of Advice in a similar fashion to Advice Online, but offers an extensive list of optional services:

* Modelling Tools allow the user to consider the before and after when economic conditions are changed. It is like a series of “What If Scenarios”. Say, what happens if loan costs rise? or if Capital Growth is less than the estimated value in the plan?

Financial Mappers for DIY Investors

Financial Mappers caters to DIY Independent Investors.  Research shows that 25% of the public will never use a Financial Adviser as they want to be completely in control of their financial affairs.  This is a largely untapped market that currently can’t have access to the same software as the Financial Services Industry.  This service is offered at an affordable price to encourage everyone to create a financial plan.

Plencore Wealth

Plencore Wealth Ltd is very conscious of Cyber-Security.  All communications between the adviser and client are within a secure Client Portal, with no sensitive information sent by email. 

Plencore Wealth Ltd has been creating software for over 10 years.  We feel now is the time to offer our software to International Market.

From the very first product it was decided to make the software scalable.  Therefore, all software can select the country specific Taxation and Retirement account rules.

Plencore Wealth Ltd would be open to any proposals regarding the purchase of a country specific Master License.  More details of our products are available on our websites for Financial Mappers and Advice Online.


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Financial Mappers Lite

Financial Mappers Lite is for Enterprises who want to improve their client or employee’s financial literacy by providing software to create a financial plan and learn how to manage their finances.  The difference is that no input is required from the company.  The client creates their own financial plans and generates reports.  The client can choose to share the reports generated by the software with their advisers.  For example, they may want to share this information with their accountant or mortgage broker. 

Many people just need some simple help with budgeting, loan management or working out how much they should save each month to achieve their long-term financial goals.

Financial Mappers Bespoke

Financial Mappers Bespoke is a service provided to any company that wants unique software for their clients.  We have already claimed some URLs such as Financial Helix that can be developed with all reference to Financial Mappers removed.  (The same service is available for Advice Online).

Plencore Wealth Ltd understands the importance of having a financially literate workforce.  To this end, all our software includes Financial Literacy Programs.

Financial Literacy Software

The first is a set of short two to three minutes videos explaining common financial terms such as Compound Interest or Inflation. They are divided into categories and generally consist of about 30 video clips.

There is also a set of Tutorials, supported by video to give an in-depth discussion of topics such as Interest Earning Accounts,  Equities or Real Estate.

Streamline Financial Advice without the Gridlock for members of the Financial Services Industry

Versions have been developed for both the Australian and New Zealand markets, each with a dedicated URL:


Glenis Phillips SF Fin
– Designer of Financial Advice Online
A Few Words

Our History

Plencore Wealth Ltd has been developing financial planning software for 10-years and has expanded with versions of the software for New Zealand, and can be customised for the international market. 

We designed our financial planning software for professionals, corporations and individuals DIY investors.

Glenis Phillips SF Fin,
New Product

Financial Advice Online

Our new product, Financial Advice Online, has been designed for members of the Financial Services Industry who need a readymade customizable portal to provide digital financial advice. 

The software creates a financial plan together with an advice document for your clients.  

This product is ready for both the Australian and New Zealand market. 

NZ Customers
Plencore Wealth Ltd holds relevant URL for New Zealand clients