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Financial Advice Without the Gridlock

Announcing the Development of Financial Advice Online

Plencore Wealth Ltd is pleased announce it is in the process of developing of a completely new product – Financial Advice Online.

The Quality of Advice Review submitted their final recommendations to the Government in January.  The government has now announced more consultation with stakeholders before they act on the recommendation made by Michelle Levy and her committee.

The Quality of Advice Review was a very detailed review where Michelle Levy spent a great deal of time consulting with a wide audience.  In general, it seems the report has been relatively accepted by the majority.

Recently the government announced it planned to implement fourteen of the recommendations in three streams:

No doubt there is more consultation with stakeholders and hopefully the government will implement more of Michelle Levy’s recommendations.

Financial Advice Online

This product is an opportunity to deliver financial advice as an attractive product for the public.  The product engages with the client using a multi-media experience, allowing the client to explore in their own time all aspects of the advice they are seeking.

The advice is supplemented with an extensive financial literacy program and the ability for the client to do a “deep dive” into the financial plan created by the adviser.

This product is completely white-labelled and can be integrated into any CRM.  The product can be absorbed into the company’s URL with no reference to Advice Online.


To find out more, watch the video above

financial advice without the gridlock

Plencore Wealth Ltd has commenced the development of a new product called Financial Advice Online.  The intention of this product is to allow Financial Institutions, including Financial Advisers, Superannuation Funds and Insurance companies access to software that enables the delivery of both a Financial Plan and an Advice Document as a ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ Advice Record.  The process can be performed completely online; however, some may want to include a phone consultation as part of the advice process.


We aim to deliver a product that will:

Streamline Financial Advice without the Gridlock for members of the Financial Services Industry

Versions have been developed for both the Australian and New Zealand markets, each with a dedicated URL:


Glenis Phillips SF Fin
– Designer of Financial Advice Online
A Few Words

Our History

Plencore Wealth Ltd has been developing financial planning software for 10-years and has expanded with versions of the software for New Zealand, and can be customised for the international market. 

We designed our financial planning software for professionals, corporations and individuals DIY investors.

Glenis Phillips SF Fin,
New Product

Financial Advice Online

Our new product, Financial Advice Online, has been designed for members of the Financial Services Industry who need a readymade customizable portal to provide digital financial advice. 

The software creates a financial plan together with an advice document for your clients.  

This product is ready for both the Australian and New Zealand market. 

NZ Customers
Plencore Wealth Ltd holds relevant URL for New Zealand clients